Budova AZ


Company A-Z Packaging, s.r.o. offers services in the following areas:

  • Contract packaging (mainly food products)
  • Marketing packaging and direct mailing
  • Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) packaging
  • Manual assembly of customer goods and products
  • Warehousing and distrubution
  • Consultancy in packaging


Since 2007 the company A-Z Packaging is approved by Government Veterinary Administration of the Czech Republic and it is the only one co-packing company in Czech Republic with its ID mark which allows to pack food products of animal origin (like milk, meat, etc ...). The company is a holder of ISO and HACCP certificates.

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Company A-Z Packaging was founded in April 2006 and its main activity is to provide a premier contract packaging to Food brand owners. We offer packaging of food and non-food products into different bag styles. The company operations conform to high standarts and fulfill all hygiene Regulations.

The basic principle followed by A-Z Packaging is a high quality of customer service.